Couple jailed for selling son to paedophiles on dark web

FREIBURG GERMANY- AUGUST 07 ATTENTION EDITORS Pixelation done in accordance with court orders. Defendants Christian L. and Berrin T. arrive for their pronouncement of judgement on charges related to sexual abuse of a minor at the regional cour

Image The pair have been jailed for 12 years

A 48-year-old woman and her 39-year-old partner (himself a convicted pedophile) have been convicted of selling the woman's now-10-year-old son on the darknet to pedophiles and raping and abusing him themselves, per the Local.

On Tuesday, the Freidburg court convicted the couple for forced prostitution, rape, sexual and physical abuse, humiliation and bondage in nearly 60 separate identified acts.

Lais, 39, had a previous conviction for child abuse, raising questions why he was allowed to live in a home with a child present.

The dark net is an area of the internet that can not be found in conventional search engines, and is only accessible through secret browser networks.

A Swiss citizen and three German men who also abused the boy, now aged 10, were jailed between eight to ten years.

The sickening abuse lasted for more than two years, the Freiburg state court heard this week.

The horrific crimes have shocked the small town of Staufen in southern Germany.

In May 2015, the couple started abusing the woman's son, with the man at first offering the child cash.

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Six other man were also given sentences for sexually abusing the young boy.

Video footage catalogued the horror of the boy's abuse, which included him being tied up and subjected to verbal humiliation.

Police exposed the paedophile ring after they received an anonymous tip-off from a member of the public.

They also were ordered to pay $49,200 in damages to the boy and a 3-year-old girl whom they also abused.

Their sentences fell short of what prosecutors had demanded - 14 years and six months for Taha and 13 years and six months for Lais.

Mr Bürgelin then said the abuse continued out of financial incentives.

"A local youth welfare office took custody of the child in March 2017, when it became known that Christian L. - who is subject to a child contact ban - was living in the same house", Deutsche Welle reported.

The child now lives with a foster family.

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