Google Pixel 3 XL leak shows notch and USB-C headphones

Google Pixel 3 XL display leak

Google Pixel 3 XL images leak again, and this time it’s the real deal (Update: unboxing video)

If you're anxious that Google might change its mind about including the hated notch on its rumoured Pixel 3 smartphone, don't be: You're still getting that bad notch, if this alleged unboxing of a Pixel 3 XL is the real deal.

Google has done away with the chunky bezel at the top of the screen for the Pixel 3 XL, but it has replaced it with a rather large notch that takes a sizable chunk out of the display.

Photos and video of what appears to be a production unit Google Pixel 3 XL have been leaked online, reports AndroidPolice.

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Google Pixel 3 release date could be October 4, 2018, according to a screenshot shared by YouTuber Brandon Lee from This Is Tech Today channel (Google Pixel 2 / Bloomberg). And it has a single camera on the back.

Google isn't changing much about the design on the back of the phone. It has an Adreno 630 GPU and runs Android 9. But does the notch feel a bit tall to anyone else? On the front we can see information pertaining to the device, which is running Android 9 Pie. In the picture, you can see Android 9 Pie's gesture navigation is turned on, which Google recently told Android Central would be the default for Pixels going forward.

Starting with the phone itself, the images once again show a device with a sizeable chin and a thick display notch. It also shows that there will be 4GB of RAM. That's definitely a nice improvement from last year's Pixel 2 devices, where you'd get a USB-C/3.5mm adapter for the earphones. They appear to be USB-C headphones, but with that very familiar Pixel Buds design. In-box accessories can vary from country to country, so if you are that interested in pack-in Google headphones, make sure they come with the version shipping in your territory.

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