Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Updating)


Unpacked: Watch the Samsung Galaxy Note9 launch live stream here!

Samsung's new Galaxy Note 9 has lost to the iPhone X in speed test, even though the smartphone packs one of the best processors and more RAM than any of Apple's phones.

Epic's Tim Sweeney announced at the Samsung Note 9 reveal event that the Android beta for the popular Battle Royale game is now live to all Galaxy users, and that it'll be coming to all Android devices later this week.

What's more, if you're the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or even the Galaxy S9, there's probably not enough here to merit upgrading.

Geekbench 4 measures overall performance.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch price will, for long standing fans of the series, come as a pleasant surprise, as it starts cheaper than the Gear S3 did at launch.

DeX is also on the cards, but instead of needing a separate dock the Note 9 can offer the DeX experience right out of the box.

OnePlus 6 only costs $579.

The 6.4-inch Note 9, launched here on Thursday, comes with a mammoth 1TB memory, a bigger battery and a Bluetooth-equipped S Pen which is unique to Note devices.

There were a lot of marketing words spoken about the handset, about how it was "inspiring", "removed borders and interruptions" and basically worked with you... a lot of words that don't really tell us much, meaning that most of us were left wondering 'what's actually new here?'.

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Samsung sold the Galaxy S9 for $720 when it launched, while Sprint charged $792 and AT&T charged $793 for the same device.

All this together corroborates the point: the Note 9 isn't the right choice for the average user.

Of course, we were only able to get a look at the new phone (and the also-announced Galaxy Watch) under tightly controlled conditions. That's just the base model, though.

Under standard usage, such as LT, Bluetooth, messaging and some music streaming the battery can last up to 80 hours, which eliminates the need for daily charging. That's not quite as friendly to petite wrists as the 38mm Apple Watch, but the Galaxy Watch's round face could make it look more like an oversized timepiece and less like a smartphone on your wrist.

One of the biggest bonus features of all Note phones is the iconic S Pen which, over the last few years, has been radically advanced with a more accurate nib and extra features.

In terms of models and colours, the 42mm and 46mm versions of the Galaxy Watch is available in Midnight Black or Rose Gold, however, the available straps differ between the two. You're looking at about $1,250 for the version with more storage and RAM. The 512GB model will also be $30 per month, but requires $529.99 down on the $1,249.99 total price.

Here, we'd expect to laud the Note 9 as a harbinger: it usually provides clues for the future of the Galaxy S series.

An update to Samsung's photography technology - which has consistently dominated the smartphone market in terms of camera quality - promises scene optimisation, flaw detection and better clarity than competitors.

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