Firenado forms at Derbyshire factory blaze

Fire crews have been battling a large fire near Swadlincote since the early hours of this morning. Firefighters from Derbyshire Leicestershire and Staffordshire were called to the inferno in Occupation Lane in Albert Village at 1.18am on Tuesday Augus

The breathtaking firenado pierced the sky in footage taken by firefighters

As a result of the fire, residents were advised to keep their windows and doors closed as a large plume of black smoke blanketed the sky, able to be seen as far away as Nottingham.

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue service took to Facebook to explain that the fire whirl is formed in a similar way to a tornado, as cold air meets hot air.

England isn't the only place spotting the fire whirls as of late: They have also reportedly been spotted among the wildfires in California recently.

According to UK's Evening Standard, firefighters from Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire arrived at the fire at 1.20am on Tuesday at Ravensbourn Plastics.

Thick black smoke from thousands of plastic pallets on fire could be seen across the East Midlands.

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Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service said it had spread to a building and forklift trucks on the site.

Ten fire engines from three counties spent 12 hours tackling the blaze which destroyed 600,000 plastic pallets.

"The main thing is that nobody was injured". The column of fire forms when eddies caused by the blaze lead to a powerful rotating updraft. "Stock can be replaced whereas people can't", a spokesperson said.

Factory owners David Meredith, 74, and his son Russell, 36, said three members of staff were in the factory at the time of the blaze but they escape unharmed.

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