Google Makes Embarrassing Error Following Fortnite Android Release

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Thing is, the company that created it, Epic Games, just announced that it won't be publishing it via Google Play, the market where most users - in the Western hemisphere, anyway - get most of their apps. "See a complete picture of your digital habits and disconnect when you want to".

- Wind Down reminds you to switch off at night, setting a schedule to fade your screen to Grayscale while Do Not Disturb silences notifications for a good night's sleep.

The userbase of Android is much higher than iOS so even if the Google Play Store doesn't charge fees as high as Apple, its still a huge loss for the company, at least $50 million as suggested by data analysts.

Epic Games has opted to launch the game first on Samsung phones - the beta is live now for most high-end Samsung phones launched in the last two or three years.

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Spotted by Reddit users (via 9to5Google), Google is now somewhat acknowledging the fact that Fortnite is not available on Google Play.

Just fire up the Play Store on your phone, and search for "Fortnite Mobile" or some variation on the name to get the message. Additionally, to download files outside of Play Store requires users to tinker around with security permissions. Below the message, Google has helpfully listed the developer account for Epic Games. Sensor Tower estimates that Apple has made more than $54 million from the game so far via its 30 percent cut of all in-app spending on its store. The second is through the Epic Games website where if you don't have a compatible phone you'll simply be signed up to the Beta. But the same message does not appear on the web version of Google Play as yet.

It's possible Epic Games will eventually decide to add Fortnite to the Play Store. For the time being, Google is just trying to make sure you don't end up downloading something that just looks like Fortnite in the Play Store.

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