No NAFTA deal without Canada: Quebec chief negotiator

NAFTA talks with Mexico drag on due to autos sticking points - Autoblog

Trump warns Canada of tariff on its auto exports

President Trump has said he prefers to end the decades-old NAFTA pact in favor of inking separate, bi-lateral agreements with the United States neighbors.

'Canada must wait, ' Trump posted to Twitter. Trump also singled out Ottawa in his tweet, saying: "Their Tariffs and Trade Barriers are far too high". Will tax cars if we cant make a deal!” he added.

The President's comments highlight the goodwill the United States and Mexico have enjoyed since AMOLwas elected in July. Some observers are concerned that Canada will end up being forced to accept a deal set up with just the two parties, essentially leaving Canada to either accept the agreement or back away.

At the same time, relations with Canada have been tense since June's Group of Seven meeting in Quebec, when Trump renounced support for the summit's communique and took parting shots at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for promising to stand up to U.S. tariffs. Though, Canadian officials have expressed hope that a deal could still be made soon. Auto industry officials familiar with the talks said the Trump administration wants the ability to impose national security tariffs on future Mexican production from new auto assembly and parts plants.

At the close of the third consecutive week of discussions in Washington, Guajardo said a deal was still possible by the end of the month.

Sask. government fears trade disturbance during Canada-Saudi Arabia dispute
But several of those going say they used a contact number provided by the airline, but there was no answer when they telephoned. Ukraine did not sell wheat to Saudi Arabia in 2016, being the main exporter of barley in this country .

Guajardo told reporters last week that he would return to Washington, DC, to meet with Lighthizer this week.

However, he acknowledged: "We still have a lot of work to do".

Canada could soon return to the talks, its ambassador to the U.S. said this week.

Earlier Friday, a source familiar with Ottawa's NAFTA effort said Canadian negotiators would not be returning to the bargaining table in Washington until the US and Mexico find common ground on their outstanding issues, especially the complex sticking points around the auto sector.

"But as I said before: nothing is closed until everything is closed". He said they include dispute resolution, agriculture issues, intellectual property, government procurement, the proposed inclusion of a five-year sunset clause and the de minimis threshold, which is the maximum value of an item that Canadians can order from a foreign country without paying duties or taxes.

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