Omarosa Claims Donald Trump Hit On Her


Omarosa released a series of audio tapes which were secretly recorded within the White House

And now Trump's campaign is taking legal action. Murray is adamant that Omarosa is sitting on a gold mine of tapes she recorded during her year at the White House. "But to call her a "dog" & "low life" is beneath dignity of the office of @POTUS & open to ugly connotation".

In the middle of all of his rambling, which really did require concentration to decipher at times, Arnold shot out, "I'm a insane person, you know that".

Manigault Newman believes that Kelly's firing shows a breach in ethics since he was caught on tape alluding to the fact that her reputation would be damaged if she didn't go away quietly.

"Well, that's not true", Manigault Newman then says on the tape.

"The president of the United States is calling a woman of color a dog?".

U.S. Senator Jeff Flake, a frequent Trump critic, called the president's language "unbecoming" and, in a tweet quoting the president's post, wrote that fellow Republicans "should not be okay with it". Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., said during an interview on CNN.

August 15, 2018Kilmeade urges the President to "do the Eminem thing!" "He fights fire with fire".

Mimi Rocah, a former U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of NY, said the ousted White House adviser's claims were significant - and could potentially be evidence of a crime.

The book, by Omarosa Manigault, has made numerous claims about the President.

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The book and the recordings by the disgruntled 44-year-old Manigault Newman, once an ardent Trump ally, represents a stunning breach of presidential trust. I don't know if that is enforceable whatsoever. "In Trump World, everyone lies". Kushner and Ivanka tape, the source said, would show that they offered emotional support. They also said the couple, who are senior advisors, claimed they didn't know she would be fired.

"I (told Trump), 'Well sir, can you think of any time where this happened?' And he said no", Patton interjected.

In her book, Manigault Newman accuses Trump of making derogatory statements about African-Americans, Filipinos and other minorities, as well as exhibiting "forgetfulness and frustration". She also says she is willing to do so again.

President Donald Trump apparently has a nickname for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos - and it's not flattering.

On MSNBC on Tuesday, Manigault-Newman said she was a whistle blower unveiling "corruption" within the Trump White House.

Omarosa claims to have recorded Trump while she worked for him.

In addition to speaking publicly about her experiences in Trump's White House, Manigault Newman has been releasing audio recordings of conversations and meetings held in the building, including a snippet of one she says is of her telephone conversation with Trump the day after she was sacked in December by White House chief of staff John Kelly.

"And I never meant to share that, I didn't even remember that I really had it, but when she was just so vehement that it never happened, I was like, 'It never happened?"

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