Prosecution rests case against Paul Manafort

Manafort in his booking

Manafort in his booking

It's possible the defense believes it has created enough doubt in the jurors' minds through their questioning of prosecution witnesses over the last 10 days, and that it might have a leg up in the way jurors will be instructed to decide the case, especially given Ellis' inclinations.

Manafort, 69, faces the prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison if he is convicted on numerous 18 charges of lying on tax forms and loan applications in the case brought by special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and related matters.

The trappings of Manafort's lifestyle dominated media headlines throughout the trial: there was half a million dollars worth of antique rugs, $750,000 spent on landscaping for his $13 million Bridgehampton mansion, and more than $1 million for clothing, including a $15,000 jacket made of ostrich skin.

The trial has been marked by unusual exchanges between prosecutors and the judge, who repeatedly chastised them or ordered them to hurry up. Twice, the prosecution team filed formal requests that the judge tell the jury to ignore a prior statement of his; he did so once. The judge has not given any explanation for the sealed proceeding, only noting that a transcript of it would become public after Manafort's case concludes. Such motions are routinely filed, but rarely granted. Then, after his money in Ukraine dried up, they allege he defrauded banks by lying about his income on loan applications and concealing other financial information, such as mortgages.

Manafort is accused of hiding millions of dollars in income he received advising Ukrainian politicians.

Asked whether he was satisfied with the advice he'd gotten from his attorneys, Manafort said, "I am, your honor".

Raico said that Calk wanted a job in the Trump administration, and made that known to Manafort. Stephen Calk is the bank's founder.

Manafort told Kushner that Calk was Calk was a loyal Trump supporter interested in running the U.S. Army or possibly serving as head of the Treasury or Commerce departments. Brennan even rated one loan for Manafort risky but doable in a memorandum used by regulators and the bank. A rating of 1 is considered the highest, most stable loan, while ratings less than 4 wouldn't be approved. He said they were the two largest loans the bank had made when they were issued in late 2016 and early 2017.

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Brennan testified that the loans have not yet been repaid, and the bank has written them off as a loss. The defense has rested their case. The case against Manafort has long centered on whether he lied when he claimed not to control any foreign bank accounts.

The prosecution also recalled Treasury Department senior special agent Paula Liss, who testified there was no evidence Manafort's companies filed reports with the US government about foreign bank accounts.

"You have an absolute right to testify before this jury", Ellis said.

In some ways, it wasn't a surprise that Manafort didn't testify on his own behalf.

Rod Rosenstein would be nominated and confirmed to the deputy AG job in early 2017 - and now oversees Mueller and the Russian Federation investigation.

A Manafort conviction would undermine efforts by President Donald Trump and some Republican lawmakers to paint Mueller's inquiry as a political witch hunt, while an acquittal would be a setback for the special counsel. But in court Monday, he said he shouldn't have done that. Calabresi is a founder and current chairman of the Federalist Society. "They will be totally reliable and responsive to the Trump White House", Manafort wrote, providing brief biographies for Calk and the other two candidates. Jeff Sessions deflect criticism of racism.

Some of the alleged crimes overlapped with Manafort's five months working for the Trump campaign in 2016, prosecutors said.

This article was written by Lynh Bui, Rachel Weiner, Devlin Barrett and Michael Kranish, reporters for The Washington Post.

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