'The Nun' ad removed from YouTube for being too scary

The Nun

Warner Bros

According to YouTube's policy on violent and shocking content in advertisements, administrators have the right to pull marketing containing profane language, discriminatory terms, gruesome imagery, promotions that are "likely to shock or scare" as well as videos that are capitalizing on sensitive events.

Not a horror film buff?

What do you think of New Line's "Conjuring Universe"? The tweet received over 145,000 likes and 132,000 retweets.

You might not be able to watch the trailer for the horror movie The Nun on YouTube anymore, but the new global poster is here to creep you out and tide you over in until the film hits theaters.

Issuing a warning to anyone who has "anxiety or just straight up hate jump scares", the user advised people to look away or turn down the volume of the teaser if it appears while watching a video.

They posted: "Appreciate you bringing this to our attention!"

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As per a report from Deadline, the video violated YouTube's "content policy". More info here: "https://goo.gl/Yo1GHL".

Some users online complained of seeing the ad late at night or at other inopportune times. If for some reason you want to experience that sensation firsthand, you can see the ad below, but we recommend avoiding it if you're prone to seizures, panic attacks, or just not keen on jump scares.

The opening of the actual trailer shows things go from bad to worse - starting with a priest being buried alive.

You can watch it here with a forewarning, caution, etc.

The Nun, which is the fifth instalment in the Conjuring series, opens on September 7. Set in early-'50s Romania, the film is about the origins of the inhuman spirit, also known as Valak, that tormented ghost-hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) in the 1977-set The Conjuring 2.

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