Cindy And Meghan McCain Mourn John McCain With Heartbreaking Tribute

Senator John Mc Cain looks on during a press conference in 2017

Senator John Mc Cain looks on during a press conference in 2017 Credit Aaron Bernstein Reuters

S senator John McCain, a celebrated war hero known for reaching across the aisle in an increasingly divided America, died yesterday following a battle with brain cancer. In the last few years, Senator McCain blocked anti-LGBTQ language in the National Defense Authorization Act, opposed a "license to discriminate" bill in Arizona, denounced the Trump-Pence Administration's effort to ban transgender troops and spoke out against the nomination of the anti-LGBTQ Mark Green to lead the Army. On Aug. 24, McCain's family announced that he was discontinuing his cancer treatment.

Former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama issued a statement sending their "heartfelt condolences" to McCain's wife, Cindy and their family.

In a tweet Saturday night, Pence writes, "Karen and I are praying for Senator John McCain, Cindy and their family this weekend". Never faltering, he went on to become the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services in 2015.

George W. Bush, the 43rd president who beat out McCain in a tense primary for Republican presidential nominee in 2000, praised the senator as "a man of deep conviction and a patriot of the highest order".

McCain was born on August 29, 1936, at an American naval installation in the Panama Canal Zone - U.S. territory at the time - when his father was stationed there.

Meanwhile, McCain's former running mate Sarah Palin tweeted, "Today we lost an American original. Sen".

John McCain fought in Vietnam war and was captured and imprisoned in 1967.

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Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, also claimed the life of former senator Ted Kennedy. We prayed it would never happen, but if it did, we prayed for strength like John McCain's. "He was an inspirational leader and war hero; a man of integrity and bravery", Peters said.

Following the announcement of his death on Saturday evening, U.S. president Donald Trump said his "deepest sympathies" went to Mr McCain's family. He served our country and endured years as a POW after his plane was shot down in Vietnam. The war veteran served as a congressman to the state's 1st District before he was later elected to represent the state in the Senate.

Trump was furious about McCain's vote and frequently referred to it at rallies, but without mentioning McCain by name.

Donald Trump went after McCain in a manner which is now all-too-familiar to us. State law does not require that an election for a vacant Senate seat take place this year, says Eric Spencer, director of election services for the Arizona Secretary of State.

- McCain was working for an Arizona beer distributor - the father of his second wife, Cindy - when he entered politics. He was a public servant in the finest traditions of our country.

But even before his diagnosis, McCain, who served in the Senate since 1987 - he was reelected for a fifth time in 2016 - was viewed as a "maverick", someone who refused to heed to party orthodoxy. McCain said that upon capture he was beaten by an angry mob and bayoneted in the groin.

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