A USA officer entered the wrong apartment and killed her neighbour

Botham Shem Jean's death has sparked protests in Dallas. Pic Facebook  Botham Shem Jean

Image Botham Shem Jean's death has sparked protests in Dallas. Pic Facebook Botham Shem Jean

A Texas police officer is on administrative leave after fatally shooting a man she thought was an intruder in her own apartment, police say.

According to a news release, preliminary information suggested that the officer came home in uniform after working a full shift. When authorities arrived she told them she believed her neighbor's apartment was her own. At some point she did fire her weapon, ultimately striking Jean.

The victim was treated on scene and taken to hospital, where he later died.

The officer then called dispatch to report the shooting.

According to the victim's Facebook page, Jean studied accounting at Harding University in Arkansas.

But it was not the right apartment and the officer ran into a man who she didn't recognize.

Jean, a graduate of Harding University, was the son of the former permanent secretary of St. Lucia, Alison Jean, according to the St. Lucia Times.

At a Friday morning news conference, Sergeant Warren Mitchell acknowledged there are many questions about what happened that he could not answer. Hall declined to identify the officer, who she confirmed is Caucasian, until she is formally charged.

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The Dallas County District Attorney's Office is investigating the incident and the Texas Rangers will be conducting an parallel investigation, Hall said.

Investigators are still working to piece together the events leading up to the shooting that claimed the life of Jean, a St. Lucia native and employee at PricewaterhouseCoopers' risk assurance department.

Two women said they heard a commotion around 10 p.m.as they studied Thursday. But given what investigators now know about the case, they chose to pursue a manslaughter case, police said.

'It was, like, police talk: "Open up!"

"We still have a lot to do in this investigation", he told reporters, the Dallas Morning News reported. The company in a statement that it was "simply heartbroken to hear of his death".

The shooting at the Southside Flats apartment complex, which is located just blocks away from police headquarters, left several other residents feeling uneasy.

"We heard cops yelling, but otherwise had no idea what was going on", Simpson's study partner, Yazmine Hernandez, 20, said.

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