Trend Micro apps quietly sent sensitive user data to China

Mac App Store apps found stealing user data

Popular Mac app Adware Doctor pulled by Apple after revelation it steals browsing history

Apps on Apple's Mac App Store are reportedly collecting and uploading your browser history and other data without your knowledge.

Adware Doctor is basically created to remove any adware that is found in a Mac.

Data uploaded to the system by Trend Micro's Dr. Unarchiver was found by 9to5Mac to include browser data, as well as a separate file containing Google searches and a complete list of all the apps installed rivalling the not-so-good doctor for attention.

Those affected say the apps collected this information without seeking any kind of consent first.

The app, called Adware Doctor, was recording users' app data and browser history and sending it back to servers in China.

"Let's face it, your browsing history provides a glimpse into nearly every aspect of your life", Patrick Wardle, a former NSA hacker and chief research officer at cybersecurity firm, Digita Security said.

A number of applications on Apple's Mac App Store are secretly gathering user data and uploading it to analytics servers.

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Despite being a central figure in the story of the Trend Micro apps being removed from the Mac App Store, the one company that has kept quiet has been Apple. It appears to have now been removed from the Mac App Store. The issue at hand is the unlawful collection of data and there is no telling how much information was gathered through unauthorized access. However, once access was granted, both apps would glean a user's information, compress it to a zip file and upload it to a server.

But sometimes these ratings fail, as happened in the case of Adware Doctor app. In a blog post, the company said that the apps "collected and uploaded a small snapshot of the browser history on a one-time basis, covering the 24 hours prior to installation".

Despite Trend Micro's apology, not everyone in the security community is buying the company's explanations.

It said it had made a decision to remove the browser history collection feature and had erased all the browser history data it had stored from previous collections.

SiliconANGLE asked Trend Micro to comment on the report and will update this post if it responds. While they are not as harmful as malware used to steal credit card data, the problem is that unsafe apps are approved and allowed to distribute themselves on the App Store.

He noted that since Adware Doctor is given universal access by users when it is first run, it is able to access running processes on the Mac by simply working around obstacles that Apple has set in place for security. On technicality, the EULAs for these apps did disclose this behavior.

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