Woodward book: Rob Porter worked to keep Trump from 'dangerous' ideas

New book alleges chaos in Trump White House

Trump urges attorney general to investigate anonymous op-ed

And that was before Woodward wrote a book depicting a Trump White House in chaos where aides conspire to prevent the president from harming American interests.

Infuriated by the unsigned missive, Mr Trump on Friday urged Mr Sessions to launch an investigation to uncover the author's identity, citing "national security" concerns.

Woodward relies on confidential sources, but has meticulously reconstructed moments with documents and recorded interviews. "It's what the president wants.'", Woodward quotes Priebus as saying.

At the meeting, Trump reportedly began to complain about "all this money we're spending on U.S. forces overseas", and Mattis had to explain why it was necessary.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders assured reporters Monday that the president is not now considering using lie detectors to figure out which senior administrative official wrote the anonymous op-ed, The Washington Examiner reported.

But Woodward says in his book there was an even more risky tweet that wasn't sent, declaring that Trump was withdrawing the family members of US troops from South Korea.

Woodward's said he won't name the official but was happy with his public statement. "You showed weakness", Trump told the friend, according to Woodward.

"General Mattis, General Kelly said it's not true", Trump continued.

A majority of voters believes the Trump administration is running chaotically in the wake of an anonymous op-ed and bombshell new book that detail efforts from staffers to push back against the president's impulses, according to a poll released Wednesday.

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"I think that's a lot of testimony, that's a lot of visiting, and that's just the bottom of what they know", Dean said in an interview with CNN.

Woodward says his sources' denials are driven by "political necessity", and are a product of the way Washington generally runs.

"There's one scene last year in the Pentagon where Trump is there and Secretary of State [Rex] Tillerson said, 'This is what's kept the peace for 70 years, '" Woodward recalled, referring to a conversation about national security protocols.

"I'm not, because I know what I did, and I'm not anxious about it", Trump Jr. said.

Though the media has breathlessly praised Woodward's new book, there are credibility issues with the journalist at hand. Dems can't stand losing.

Following Woodward's appearance on the "Today" show, Trump took to Twitter and said, "Woodward is a liar who is like a Dem operative prior to the Midterms". Trump tweeted Monday prior to the Woodward interview.

Christie has rebutted Woodward's claims.

The news outlet reports that he also suggested that the Justice Department investigate who penned the op-ed, adding that the "resistance" inside the White House that the author claimed was active was "subverting the will of the people".

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