European Union votes to discipline Orban - Ireland

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban delivers a speech during a debate concerning Hungary’s situation

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban delivers a speech during a debate concerning Hungary’s situation

The unprecedented vote could allow Hungary's European Union voting rights to be stripped.

The vote against Hungary is symbolic of the growing tug-of-war in Europe between humanitarian values and increasingly nationalistic ones.

In a rejoinder, Hungary's foreign minister Peter Szijjarto described the move as the "petty revenge" of pro-immigration politicians.

Poland's foreign ministry has voiced "concern" after Eurodeputies on Wednesday backed a plan to trigger a punitive procedure against Hungary amid accusations of flouting European Union rules on democracy, civil rights and corruption.

The EPP's leader, Manfred Weber, said he would vote in favour of the motion targeting Orban's government, whose Fidesz party belongs to his grouping. Hungary will protect its borders, stop illegal migration, " he said, "and if needed we will stand up to you". The Europeans are struggling to verify a nuclear tackle Iran within the face of American opposition, nonetheless are stymied by American secondary sanctions, given the dominant feature that the dollar plays in worldwide switch and banking.He most frequently identified as for extra investment in European defense, and for controlling migration by shoring up the bloc's exterior borders and investing in countries from the set a range of the migrants invent.

To become the first-ever case of the European Parliament asking EU capitals to launch the punitive mechanism against one of their own, it must win the backing of at least 376 lawmakers and two thirds of the votes cast. "The Hungarian people deserve better".

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When European Parliament President Antonio Tajani began the voting procedure on Wednesday, he said he would go slowly, checking the tally on all amendment votes, and verifying counts because "this is a very delicate issue".

On 11 September, MEPs will discuss a proposal to the Council to trigger a procedure that seeks to prevent a serious breach of European Union values in Hungary. The vote was based on a report that voiced concerns about judicial independence, corruption, freedom of expression, academic freedom, religious freedom, and the rights of minorities and refugees under eight years of Orban rule.

"It is a type of procedure at the end of which there is no sanction, there is no danger", he said, pointing to the example of a 2013 report adopted by the European Parliament which condemned controversial changes to Hungary's constitution.

Orban, who was re-elected in April to his third consecutive term in office, fourth overall also said Tuesday that he expected lawmakers to approve the motion with the support of some EPP lawmakers.

The partnership has created increasing uneasiness as leaders who portray themselves as defenders of liberal European values, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, have found themselves covering for Orban as he cracks down on civil society and the free press.

Orban characterised Wednesday's vote as a bid to weaken Hungary's position as a "symbol of resistance against migration".

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