Reporters: Number in suspect's file reached Russian military

Ruslan Borishov and Alexander Petrov

PA ACCUSED Ruslan Borishov and Alexander Petrov are allegedly the assassins

British authorities say the GRU dispatched the agents to Salisbury to poison Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, with the nerve agent Novichok. "Maybe we did [approach] Skripal's house but we don't know where it's located".

"We examine the market, look if there is something new - some biologically active additives, amino acids, vitamins, microelements", Boshirov said.

"We walked around, enjoying those handsome English Gothic buildings", Boshirov said.

Ofcom said in April that since the Salisbury attack they had observed "a significant increase in the number of programs on the RT service that we consider warrant investigation as potential breaches of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code".

The paper also noted they showed no evidence they had ever made it to Salisbury cathedral, which they cited as the city's main draw. "It's famous for its 123-meter spire".

Now, the two men have appeared on Russian TV in an freaky interview that included their denials - but also indirect questions about their sexual preferences, awkward stares and accounts of the weather in the quaint English town of Salisbury in early March 2017.

The mobile phone they used to make contact with her also no longer appears to be in service, she said. Their memories of this Gothic masterpiece were not very detailed.

"This is a touristic city", he said.

Their first public appearance, a September 12 interview with the Kremlin-funded RT channel, contained a few head-scratchers.

Many also queried why the pair would stay in a budget hotel in East London if they were travelling to the United Kingdom for two days, and expected to spend both in Salisbury.

European Union votes to discipline Orban - Ireland
Orban characterised Wednesday's vote as a bid to weaken Hungary's position as a "symbol of resistance against migration". Hungary will protect its borders, stop illegal migration, " he said, "and if needed we will stand up to you".

However, with the snowfall causing traffic disruptions on Saturday, the two men reportedly spent more than two and a half hours traveling from their London hotel to Salisbury train station.

Why did she bother?

"They're fashionable guys, as far as I can tell, with cute beards and haircuts, tight trousers, biceps bulging under their sweaters", she wrote. Britain views the latest developments as "more obfuscation and lies" from the Putin government. We are going too far.

"Sure... In Switzerland, we were a couple of times..."

This type of tactic has a history.

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin described the two men as "civilians". Absurd though it was, that lie was just plausible enough to muddy the waters. You'll have to ask the English why show us with the same timestamp.

On Thursday (local time), it was Petrov and Boshirov's turn.

There could be other explanations for this performance as well.

The regulator said Thursday's interview had not yet triggered any new complaints but industry experts said the network had taken a big risk by airing the interview. "We really wanted to visit Old Sarum and the cathedral". And if we want to turn this into a farce, we'll do that, too.

"Speaking of straight men, all footage features you two together", the interviewer, Margarita Simonyan, replied. The reason, according to the men, is that they are afraid for their safety and reluctant to provide the press with any more "fuel". She is a former member of The Washington Post's editorial board.

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