Christine Blasey Ford: Kavanaugh Accuser Comes Forward

Final day of Brett Kavanaugh’s contentious nomination hearing to listen to witness testimony

Final day of Brett Kavanaugh’s contentious nomination hearing to listen to witness testimony

"The Senate Judiciary Committee looks like they are heading that way", she said. In The New Yorker's story, Ford asked not to be identified, but told The Post she wanted to be the one to tell her story.

The Senate Judiciary Committee also backed Kavanaugh in a statement on Sunday, saying, "It's disturbing that these uncorroborated allegations from more than 35 years ago, during high school, would surface on the eve of a committee vote after Democrats sat on them since July". Some prominent conservatives suggested the charges are orchestrated by Democrats.

Bob Corker of Tennessee, said the vote should be postponed until the committee heard from Ford. The notes say four boys were involved, a discrepancy Ford says was an error on the therapist's part. She also said she wants the FBI to investigate the matter before the Senate advances Kavanaugh's nomination.

California professor Christine Blasey Ford told the Washington Post Kavanaugh attacked her when they were at a party in Maryland in the early 1980s, alleging he forced her into bed, groped her, and tried to remove her clothes while he was heavily intoxicated, all while his friend watched.

"I thought he might inadvertently kill me", said Ford, who is now a research psychologist. "These are all the ills that I was trying to avoid". She said Ford, a Democrat, isn't politically motivated.

The initial complaint, shared in a confidential letter to Diane Feinstein, asserted that Kavanaugh had held down a woman and covered her mouth to stifle her complaints, and he or another person in the room had turned up music to keep others from hearing, while he tried to force himself on her.

'She's not taking a position on this. "She mentioned her therapy sessions in 2012".

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Republicans suggest the timing of the allegation is a dirty trick. In addition to that retroactive recasting of six-year-old and more-than-30-year-old episodes, Ford would also have written a letter to a Democratic lawmaker suggesting a desire to remain anonymous while actually expecting to go public later.

She contacted the Post through a tip line in early July, when it had become clear that Kavanaugh was on the shortlist of possible nominees to replace retiring justice Anthony Kennedy but before Trump announced his name publicly. But these alternative explanations seem strained to varying degrees, and no one can claim in good faith that they don't demand more serious investigative treatment. But since the Intercept revealed the allegation - which quickly snowballed into absurd theater in the days following - she said she felt she needed to come forward.

"On Friday, Judge Kavanaugh 'categorically and unequivocally" denied this allegation.

If chosen for the lifetime appointment, Mr Kavanaugh would be expected to tilt the Supreme Court's balance to the right. "This woman will be heard".

"If there is real substance to this, it demands a response", Murkowski said.

FILE PHOTO: Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testifies during the third day of his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., September 6, 2018. This didn't derail Thomas' nomination, and indeed, since then Senators have at least been able to argue that the allegations against him were seriously examined.

Ford's willingness to testify before Congress marks both a major development from a woman previously reluctant to face the brunt of public scrutiny and a significant pressure point on Kavanaugh's nomination, which could decide the balance of the nation's top court for a generation.

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