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Image      A police officer stands in Plaza Garibaldi where five people were shot dead

Image A police officer stands in Plaza Garibaldi where five people were shot dead

At least five people have been killed after gunmen dressed as a mariachi band opened fire in a Mexico City plaza. Four people died initially and a fifth died of her wounds at a hospital Saturday afternoon, authorities said.

A foreigner, who was not identified, was among the eight others who were wounded, the prosecutor's office said.

A shootout at a Mexico City plaza famed for its live music bars left three men and two women dead, officials said on Saturday.

Local police initially said that three shooters had opened fire and that three people had been killed and seven wounded.

Mexican news outlet La Silla Rota circulated surveillance video of the alleged assailants dressed in the traditional mariachi garb of short embroidered jackets and trousers, fleeing the scene on motorcycles.

It is also the busiest time of year for Plaza Garibaldi, a beloved but seedy square that draws heavily on Mexican folklore. Mariachi musicians returned to the square around the same time the shooting took place a day prior.

Image    Debris around Plaza Garibaldi after the shooting
Image Debris around Plaza Garibaldi after the shooting

Videos from the scene on social media and television showed a heavy police presence, with the site of the attack cordoned off, but dozens of people were still hanging out nearby.

At the Tenampa cantina, which bills itself as having first brought mariachi troupes to the plaza in the 1920s, a manager said it was business as usual Saturday.

Mexico City has experienced less of the drug violence that plagues the country's cartel strongholds in other regions.

Police say much of the crime stems from retail drug dealing by violent gangs, although the government admits that at least one of these has links to a major national trafficking group, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

In 2013, USA civil rights leader Malcolm X's grandson, Malcolm Shabazz, was beaten to death near the square after a dispute over a nightclub bill.

Tepito has suffered a wave of violence over August after the gang's presumed leader, Roberto Moyado Esparza or El Betito was arrested.

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