Nintendo confirms Gold Points can be used to purchase Switch Online subscriptions

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Fortnite On Switch Won't Require Subscription For Online Play

Fortnite, which is already a free-to-play game, is available.

Nintendo Switch Online is finally, finally coming online - a full 18 months after the hybrid console first launched, and marking the very first time Nintendo has charged for an online membership service to get the most out of your games. As it stands, the Pro Controller remains the only official way to use a standard d-pad on Switch games, though imperfect third-party solutions do exist. For $299.99 United States dollars, the bundle is quite an expensive one - but it's the same as buying a Switch with no games included, so you're not paying more. The Switch Online service comes with some other benefits to reel people in, although there are some unfortunate setbacks too. This will protect your save files in the event of a console malfunction, or if you need to make room on your Switch but don't want to lose the save file forever. The number of points received is one percent of the price of the game in the eShop. Nintendo has a support page detailing how to redeem these points.

At launch, your Switch user profile will permanently lock to your Nintendo Account to ensure that you can safely manage your cloud saves and purchases. If you were to somehow misplace or destroy your Switch or even buy another one you'll be able to find all your save files stored safely online.

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However, in a question about whether or not saves can be backed up locally, the company states, "Local save data backups are not now supported on Nintendo Switch. We are constantly working on ways to further enhance the experience of using the system".

The Nintendo Switch app will remain the primary means of communicating with other players during online play.

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