Audi E-Tron, an all-electric first SUV revealed

Audi E-tron suv launched

Finally! Say hello to the new Audi e-tron production model...

It is one of a volley of electric vehicles coming from Volkswagen AG brands, as well as other European premium brands including Daimler-owned Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo Cars and Jaguar Land Rover. The I-Pace starts at $70,495 with destination.

"A very respectable feat, given that 7,000-foot climb", Keogh said, adding that Audi engineers let the e-tron charge fully before starting their return trip.

The automaker says numbers for the United States market are pending, but anecdotal data, acquired from a handful of United States road trips in a prototype e-tron, produced ranges as high roughly 270 miles on a full charge, according to Audi president, Scott Keogh.

The company pulled the covers off the five-passenger, all-wheel-drive e-tron on Monday night in San Francisco.

You'll fit 660l of luggage in the boot, expanding to 1725l with the second row folded. It will be able to tow as much as 4,000 pounds. Thanks to a boost mode, the power output rises to 300 kW (402 hp) for up to 60 seconds.

In addition, the e-tron uses an adaptive suspension setup that can raise the vehicle's ground clearance by three inches according to several parameters: speed, driving approach, and road conditions. Audi didn't specify USA range, but the size of the battery would suggest something north of 200 miles.

However, Audi's charging infrastructure pales in comparison to Tesla's.

Audi E-tron suv range

An Audi app provides remote charging and cabin-conditioning control, and Audi also announced a deal with Amazon to have Amazon Home Services provide a home charging installation that can be ordered online. The company is partnering with Electrify America on building out a charging network across popular retail sites.

Audi said it will bring Alexa to more cars later this year. Audi also showed off its virtual side mirrors - a feature that isn't allowed on US models, only its European cars.

Audi has said the e-tron will have a range of just under 250 miles (400 km), based on the WLTP cycle used in Europe. Steering-wheel paddles also let the driver specify the amount of regeneration, allowing near-one-pedal operation in the most aggressive setting.

There's a continuous shoulder line extending from the headlights to the tail-lights, accompanied by numerous character lines along the bonnet and fenders that give the e-tron quattro a wide, muscular stance. Navigation is standard, including EV-specific details such as route mapping that includes public charging stations.

Four-zone air conditioning is standard on the e-tron, with an option to upgrade to an air-quality package that includes an onboard ionizer and adjustable aromatization.

Gary Gastelu is's Automotive Editor.

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