Google Home Hub leaks ahead of Pixel 3 event

Google Home Hub Features A 7-inch Touch Display; Comes With Google Assistant

Google Home Hub leaks, set to face off against Amazon Echo Show

Following the Amazon Echo, the next-most popular devices were the Alibaba Tmall Genie (with 800,000 shipments) and the Google Home (800,000 shipments). Compared to the $130 Google Home and $100 Amazon Echo, the Homepod is often overlooked for cheaper alternatives. This is due to a large 7-inch touchscreen that will be included.

As you can see from the two images below, the Google Home Hub looks like a combination of an Android tablet and a Google Home Max. Surprisingly, it looks like Google won't be including a front-facing camera for Duo calls as we've seen with other Smart Display. Now the system is adding integration with Google Assistant for voice control.

The Google Home Hub can pair with compatible home appliances such as lights, TVs, home cameras, and more. A separate report claims that the Google Home Hub will be priced very aggressively at $149 (roughly Rs. 10,800).

The smart assistant war has been raging on for several years now between Google and Amazon.

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A few third-party companies, including JBL and Lenovo, already make Google Assistant-enabled devices with touchscreens, dubbed Smart Displays. Alphabet's subsidiary is planning to offer the Google Home Hub in White and Charcoal variants, as per the same source.

With dimensions of 7.02in × 4.65in × 2.65in (178.3mm × 118.1mm × 67.3mm), the Google Home Hub is significantly more compact than Lenovo's 8-inch Smart Display (9.3in × 5.6 in × 4.38in (263.21 mm × 142.21mm × 111.36 mm)).

Google may attempt to differentiate itself from rivals by launching a smart display with a smaller screen, as it tries to cater toward consumers who would use it for things like weather updates and reminders, instead of things like watching videos. The device will also tie in heavily with Google services including Play Music, Maps, and YouTube (among others).

Voice commands will be supported, as expected.

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