Israel to present findings in Moscow over downing of Russian plane

The Latest: Russia says Syrian missile brought down aircraft

After Russian Military Aircraft Shot Down Near Syria, Russian Claims Israel 'Deliberately Staged This Provocation'

The Defense Ministry went on to hold Israel was "solely responsible" for the incident, going on to accuse the self-proclaimed Jewish state of committing "irresponsible actions" in Syrian airspace.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also slammed the regime's aerial operations against Syria as a violation of the Arab country's sovereignty, saying, "Russian-Israeli agreements on the prevention of risky incidents were not observed" in this case.

Israel, for its part, denied any responsibility, instead blaming Syria's Assad regime for the incident.

"You don't judge someone who's in mourning, and we have expressed our condolences".

"By hiding behind the Russian plane, Israeli pilots put it in the line of fire", read a ministry statement.

Putin was visiting a military-themed park called Patriot in the Moscow region where he laid the foundation stone for a Russian Orthodox Church.

Israeli F-16 jets delivered strikes on Syria using the Russian Ilyushin-20 reconnaissance plane as cover, since the Israelis believed that Syria's air defenses would not counteract against that trajectory, Shoigu added.

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Israel said it had targeted a Syrian military facility where weapons manufacturing systems were "about to be transferred on behalf of Iran" to Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah. The Israeli military maintains that it had warned Russian Federation in advance, while Moscow said that it received notice "less than a minute" before the Israeli strike, preventing it from getting its troops out of harm's way in time.

Officials did not immediately say if the plane was shot down.

Israel and Russian Federation maintain close coordination about each other's activities in and above Syria in order to avoid such incidents.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has sent condolences to Russian President Vladimir Putin over the downing of the Russian Il-20 military plane off the Syrian coast on September 17 and accused Israel of the incident, SANA news agency said on Wednesday posting the message of condolences on its site.

Major-General Amikam Norkin will arrive in Moscow on Thursday, and will present the situation report on the incident, including the "the findings of the IDF inquiry regarding the event", and the "pre-mission information" the Israeli military was so reluctant to share in advance.

But President Vladimir Putin, who spoke to his Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by phone on Tuesday, then called it "a chain of tragic chance events" although he added that Russian Federation needed to "seriously get to the bottom of what happened".

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