Apple iPhone XS and XS Max

Huawei Trolls Apple by Giving Out 200 Free Power Banks to Fans Camping Outside Store

Huawei gave out power banks to Apple fans queuing for iPhones in Singapore

Even with the price of the newest iPhone being released Friday now well over $1,000, some die-hard fans still camped out overnight to get their hands on the device first. The awesome folks at iFixit have managed to obtain them as well and diligently pop up the devices to show the world what made these new phones tick.

Today is the day when Apple fans can finally get their hands on the new iPhone XS and XS Max.

Apple's big launch is here and fans waited long hours late Thursday night at the Apple High Land Village location for the tech giant's newest phone.

The iPhone XS is as much as US$200 more expensive than last year's already pricey iPhone X and represents one of the smallest advances in the product line's history.

So when can you get this new iPhone?

Strangely, the iPhone XS' battery capacity of 2,659 mAh is actually slightly less than the 2,716 mAh battery in the iPhone X, which sort of makes you question if all that extra effort was worth it. They said they were inside the coffee shop for about 10 minutes, but when they returned to the vehicle, the phones were gone. Whether or not either model is for you is up to your needs - and, more importantly, your budget.

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Again, the Plus version has a larger screen and a second lens.

Huawei can't stop taking shots at Apple. Comparably, South Korean giant Samsung's Galaxy S9 comes with a 3,000mAh battery.

Last year's iPhone X is on top, while the XS and XS Max are in gold below.

To use Reachability on modern iPhones, you need to place a finger at the bottom of the display and quickly swipe down.

Because the XS Max has such a large display, though, it has significantly more pixels than the older iPhones. "And most of the customers say they do not see a big difference between new iPhones and the old ones", Fu said. I don't want to spoil the verdict too early, so check back soon to Gizmodo for our full reviews on both the iPhone XS and the XS Max.

There was one thing Apple forgot to mention about the new camera: all that 32% had to go somewhere, and it turns out the camera bump had to grow a little-your iPhone X case may not fit your iPhone XS.

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