Australia police arrest man accused of killing emus with auto

Driver plows into emus in attack described as 'sickening cruelty': video

Australia emu video investigated for 'horrific cruelty'

"F***ing emus! One, two, three", a man can be heard saying in the video. The birds in the video appear frightened when they realize the vehicle is coming their way, reports The Washington Post.

The footage circulated on social media this week, sparking outrage in Australia.

On Friday, police in Victoria said a 20-year-old man faced several charges of animal cruelty. "I've got that one too... and that one." .

Authorities have appealed for information, describing it as apparent evidence of "horrific cruelty".

A Victorian man says he's the victim of mistaken identity - as online trolls threaten him and his family over a video showing a bloke mowing down emus in the outback. The Australian broadcaster reported that they had to clarify online that neither of them was the mustachioed man seen cheering as he killed the birds.

Animal welfare authorities in Australia are investigating a video which appears to show a motorist deliberately running over several emus.

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Authorities are now investigating the video, which was believed have been filmed in South Australia.

RSPCA inspectors are examining the footage to try and determine exactly where it was filmed.

The man in the video is laughing as he ploughs the group of animals down.

The man is due to face Ouyen Court on November 9.

As a result, the RSPCA asked people to "Please do not "name and shame" alleged suspects on social media, as this risks both compromising a potential prosecution, as well as possibly identifying an innocent citizen". "In another he used a dead pig like a weight".

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