Businesses in China are optimistic despite rising tariffs

China Half of firms facing levies will be foreign

Walmart urges Trump administration to roll back new tariffs on Chinese imports: report

If tariffs on the additional $267 billion of Chinese imports are put in place, the total hit from the administration's trade fight with Beijing could slow USA economic growth by a third, to roughly 2 percent, in 2019, Daco estimates.

President Trump announced the new tariffs on Monday. Beijing's answer so far: to prepare retaliatory tariffs on $60 billion worth of US goods, despite Mr. Trump's threat to respond with yet another round of USA levies if it does. Did he imagine that this threat would force an autocratic regime like China's to back down and lose face?

Walmart, the biggest US retailer, warned the Trump administration the newest round of tariffs on imported Chinese goods could prompt it to raise prices on products from shampoo to bicycles to food.

"Our sales to the US will likely shrink by nearly half this year to less than 10 percent", Su said. That would mean another $267 billion of Chinese imports would be subject to USA tariffs - in all, every item imported from China. "The global economic and trade environment has experienced significant changes which inevitably affect the Chinese economy - we are exploring further policies to bring out further cut in taxes and fees". Officials have not confirmed if the US would be affected by the move. The additional taxes suggest that the two countries are struggling to make progress in settling their differences. "Because we can't let them do anymore what they've done", he said. Why is the Trump administration still offering an olive branch to China while putting maximum pressure on it?

Regulatory issues in China are a significant challenge for foreign companies. But Beijing has steadfastly refused to budge on Washington's core demands for structural economic reforms.

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China has yet to publicly accept an invitation extended last week by U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to hold a fresh round of talks, which China welcomed at the time.

A prolonged trade war between the United States, the world's largest economy, and China, the second-largest, would ripple through the rest of the globe, potentially affecting economies from Buenos Aires to Istanbul. The industry will start looking for factories in Southeast Asia and Latin America, rather than the United States, to make the parts in countries that are not being hit by the same tariffs, he said. If lost exports to the United States trigger a financial collapse in China - an unlikely but imaginable outcome - Beijing would slam the doors closed on global capital flows, bail out the Chinese banks, and flood the domestic economy with cheap credit. "But what the United States side has done doesn't show sincerity or goodwill".

The American Chambers of Commerce in China and in Shanghai said last week that half of more than 430 companies that responded to a survey say they have suffered from slower customs approvals and been subject to more environmental and other inspections.

In his statement, Trump noted that the tariff actions being taken are a result of the Section 301 process that the USTR has been leading for more than 12 months. In the case of aluminium and steel, Trump is invoking a seldom-used clause of a 1962 law that gives him the authority to curb imports if they undermine national security. Instead, the groups argue, any further rounds of tariffs would first require an entirely new Section 301 investigation to have legal authority.

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