Facebook likely to launch 'Portal' video chat device

Alexa More Popcorn Please! Amazon Launches Voice Controlled Microwave

Amazon shows off microwave, clock, smart plug-in linked by their cloud-based voice service Alexa

Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot devices add video to the audio experience via voice assistant Alexa.

This product does exactly what the name suggests - it is a plug that's compatible with Alexa.

The event brought a bunch of new product announcements, and we got new Echo speakers, Echo Show, and even a microwave! It integrates all Echo and smart devices to help customers protect their homes while they are away. For users who may be flummoxed by proper cook times on regular microwaves, now consumers can simply say "defrost peas" or "cook a baked potato" without having to figure out how long that will take.

Amazon Smart Plug is a new accessory that adds Alexa functionality to "dumb" electronics. Their new Simple Setup and Alexa Connect technologies will make it easier to connect appliances to the internet, and there's the possibility of offering these systems to third parties.

Amazon's family of Alexa-connected devices is ready for a road trip.

It doesn't have built-in voice controls, but it can communicate with a nearby Echo.

Amazon microwave
Source Amazon

Still, more than 2 billion people remain active on the world's most popular social network, but the question is how many of those are prepared to cough up north of $300 for a Facebook-branded Echo Show rival with few distinguishing features? It will also let users play music, watch videos, get cooking recipes, and receive news briefings.

The takeaway: Amazon has been really ambitious about its forays into TV - not only with its original shows and Prime Video service, but also its TV hardware, like the $120 Fire TV Cube unveiled in July, and this new Fire TV Recast.

Amazon's looking to join the fight for your driving attention, now a three-way tossup between other cars on the road, Google's Android Auto, and Apple's CarPlay.

The hockey puck-shaped Dot is one of Amazon's best-selling devices, and with 70% better sound it's going after audiophiles.

Amazon teased a coming feature called Alexa Hunches that is created to infuse the digital assistant with intuition. It's a small slab of black plastic with a blue LED strip at the front that pairs with the car's radio and a smartphone using Bluetooth. The gadget lets users access Alexa inside their vehicle.

"We want you to have access to Alexa everywhere-in your kitchen, in your living room, in your office, and now in your auto or truck", said Tom Taylor, Senior Vice President, Amazon Alexa. My colleague Cork Gaines put an Echo Dot in his vehicle for months and called it "the best infotainment system we've ever used". It's ideal for playing music, getting news updates, and even controlling your house lights if you forgot to turn those off before you left.

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