Florence regroups as Tropical Storm Kirk; slim chance for Carolina repeat

Tropical disturbances form, strengthen in the Atlantic as busy September ends

Tropical depression forms in the Atlantic; three other disturbances tracked

National Hurricane Center forecasters are now calling a storm that is closest to the USA, and about 485 miles east of the Windward Islands, Tropical Depression Eleven.

Forecasters say it now poses no threats to land. But forecasters are also keeping an eye on an area of disturbed weather between the Bahamas and Bermuda that could move toward the USA east coast later this week.

Tropical Storm Kirk formed over the far eastern Atlantic Ocean Saturday morning.

It's hard for a storm moving so fast to strengthen but forecasters think that might be possible for Kirk, albeit for a short time. National Weather Service advisory, Kirk's sustained winds measured 40 mph and extended 70 miles north of the storm's center.

"Kirk is moving through an environment of warm water and within an area of relatively low shear", AccuWeather Expert Senior Meteorologist Dan Kottlowski said. "The biggest limiting factors for intensification would be the cyclone's fast motion and possible entrainment of dry air".

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The National Hurricane Center said it is now monitoring two other areas of disturbed weather in the Atlantic.

Maximum sustained winds are near 40 miles per hour (65 km/h) with higher gusts. The complex would likely be a weak system if it does develop.

Tropical Disturbance 2: A broad area of low pressure located about 200 miles south of Bermuda is producing only minimal shower activity.

This system has a low chance of development. It has maximum sustained winds of 25 miles per hour and is moving west at 12 miles per hour.

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