Paul Gosar responds to siblings endorsing rival in campaign ads

Six of Rep. Paul Gosar's 10 siblings appeared in attack ads supporting his opponent

Tom Williams via Getty Images Six of Rep. Paul Gosar's 10 siblings appeared in attack ads supporting his opponent

He then called his siblings "disgruntled" supporters of Hillary Clinton, saying they "are related by blood to me but like leftists everywhere, they put political ideology before family".

If there is a gathering of Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar's family this holiday season, there should be plenty to talk about after six of the Republican's nine siblings endorsed his Democratic opponent. "Stalin would be proud".

He also points out that none of the 6 siblings in the ad (he actually has 3 more who don't appear in it) live in Arizona.

"You can't pick your family", Congressman Gosar tweeted.

In another tweet, he complained: "We all have insane aunts and relatives etc and my family is no different", before adding: "To the six angry Democrat Gosars-see you at Mom and Dad's house!"

In a statement regarding the ad, Dr. Brill said the Gosar siblings have always been on record as critical of their brother Paul, but this is the first time they have endorsed a competing candidate or actively involved themselves in a political campaign.

"It would be hard to see my brother as anything but a racist", Grace Gosar says in another, according to the Phoenix New Times.

The split came around the time of his congressional run, when, David said, his brother told him he believed the "birther" theory that President Barack Obama's birth certificate is fake. "I bet he would be researching what is the most insightful water policy to help the environment of Arizona sustain itself and be successful".

'It's intervention time, ' says brother Tim Gosar, a private investigator.

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Paul Gosar, a dentist who has been in congress since 2011, is one of Donald Trump's biggest cheerleaders in Washington.

'Those aren't our family values or the values of the small Wyoming town we grew up in.

Paul Gosar is the oldest of 10 children.

In another spot, Jennifer Gosar said, "It's awful to have to do this. None of us even want to do it", brother David Gosar told the newspaper.

Mr Gosar has not yet responded to the ad campaign.

The letter went on to say that 'It is extremely upsetting to have to call you out on this, Paul, but you've forced our hand with your deceit and anti-semitic dog whistle. And David says he's disappointed in the other three siblings who didn't stand with them for the advertisement.

Attack ads are nothing new in the world of politics, but one campaign video targeting an Arizona congressman just hit a new level of "whoa".

"I don't expect anything like that from him", he said.

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