Russia: Israel to blame for downed plane over Syria, deliberately misled us

Israel hits out at Iran after Syria friendly fire incident

Israeli military tells Russia Syrian air defense teams to blame for downing of Il-20

"They fired quite recklessly and irresponsibly and unprofessionally into the air long after our planes were no longer there", the official said.

Israel, which has largely maintained friendly relations with Moscow in recent years, is not backing a specific side in the conflict, though it has admitted to conducting air strikes in the country targeting Iran and its allies, including Hizballah.

A senior military source said that the Israeli delegation presented Russian Federation with "operational and intelligence details regarding Iran's entrenchment in Syria, the transfer of weapons to Hezbollah, and the information the IDF possessed about depots in Latakia that led to Israel's attack".

A high-level Israeli military delegation visited Moscow on Thursday to present detailed information related to the downing of a Russian warplane by Syrian forces that responded to an Israeli air raid.

The incident killed 15 Russians on board the airplane.

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He said he dispatched the Israeli air force chief, Maj. He described Israel's actions as "a highly ungrateful response to everything that Russian Federation has done for the State of Israel recently".

The top Israeli military official stated that "nothing" has or will change in Tel Aviv's approach to the Arab Republic, which it considers to be turning into Iran's "base" for anti-Israeli operations.

"The meetings were held in good spirits and the representatives shared a professional, open and transparent discussion on various issues", the Israeli military said. The ministry said the aircraft had disappeared from radar during an airstrike four Israeli F-16 fighter jets carried out on targets in the Syrian province of Latakia.

File picture shows a Russian Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft taking off from Central military airport in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, December 14, 2010.

He further debunked claims by the IDF that their jets had already been within Israeli airspace when the Syrian Army launched the missiles that hit the Russian plane, saying that F-16s left the area only 10 minutes after receiving the information on the downing. It accused the Israeli military of deliberately using the Russian plane as a cover to dodge Syrian defenses and threatened to retaliate. In July, Moscow struck a deal with Tehran to keep its fighters 85 kilometers (53 miles) from the Golan Heights to accommodate Israeli security concerns.

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