Labour split looms over Brexit as Jeremy Corbyn backs a second referendum

Jeremy Corbyn and Dawn Butler

Jeremy Corbyn and Dawn Butler

Corbyn, an Arsenal supporter, is on Merseyside due to the Labour annual conference taking part in the city this weekend.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has long opposed the idea of such a vote. As delegates gathered, one message was emblazoned on hundreds of T-shirts and tote bags: "Love Corbyn, Hate Brexit". "That is what happens when you return the party to the members".

"Labour have to come to a decision".

Mr Corbyn said Labour would "put our case to Parliament" for an early poll, remarks which will fuel speculation the party will table a vote of no confidence in Mrs May if the Brexit negotiations fail.

But he has accepted he would be "bound" by the outcome of a conference vote.

It was "not an acceptable position" to be ambiguous about what a Labour Brexit would look like.

"I thought for a nanosecond about not coming today".

The support of the main opposition party would be a major boost to campaigners for a second vote on Brexit.

Corbyn said on Sunday he would "adhere" to whatever came out of conference, although he would prefer to hold a general election instead. "Obviously I'm bound by the democracy of our party".

They are saying squarely to the leadership of the Labour Party "listen to us, hear us, give us a People's Vote".

Later, Labour Party general secretary Jennie Formby told delegates: "There is no place for anti-Semitism anywhere in our movement or in our society and we will always take action where it's identified". "So much for the promise from Jeremy Corbyn of membership-led party policy making".

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But the 5,000 pro-EU protesters who marched to the conference centre in Liverpool, north-west England, highlighted the pressure he is now under to steer his party towards a second Brexit referendum.

Since the 2016 referendum, Labour has stuck to a policy of "constructive ambiguity" in a bid to appeal to both "leave" and "remain" voters. But on Sunday the real arguments will begin, when all the unions and party branches that submitted Brexit motions try to agree a form of words - a composite motion (or possibly two) - to vote upon on Tuesday.

Britain is to exit the European Union in March.

He said: "I don't think there's many Tory MPs want a Labour government, but there's many Tory MPs that are very, very angry at the way their government is performing and might feel it is the right time for the country to make a decision on the future".

"No chance am I going to sit by without saying something".

The Conservative government's blueprint for future trade ties with the bloc was rejected last week by European Union leaders at a summit in Salzburg, Austria.

"Of course we're a democratic party, but before we get that we want a general election, because this government has made a complete fist of Brexit, they haven't been able to negotiate a deal", he said.

Labour party members who express anti-Semitic views should visit Auschwitz, an MP embroiled in a row with her own constituents has said.

"This is as big a crisis as I can remember in my lifetime", Adonis said. "That's why I think we now need to take a stand - we the Labour Party and we the country". He has strong support among grassroots members, many of whom have joined since he was elected leader in 2015. He has denied it and condemned anti-Semitism, but the furor has angered many Jewish party members and their supporters.

'If the people's party decide they want the people to have a final say on the deal, we have to respect the view of our members and we will go out and argue for it'.

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