'Love Corbyn, hate Brexit': Labour faces Brexit split

Theresa May last week urged the EU to show ‘respect’ in Brexit talks after her Chequers plans were rejected at Salzburg

Theresa May last week urged the EU to show ‘respect’ in Brexit talks after her Chequers plans were rejected at Salzburg

"If parliament rejected May's Chequers deal, named after the prime minister's country residence where she hashed out a plan with her ministers, the party would press for a general election", he repeated Labour's argument. Sterling gained 0.2 percent to trade at 89.14 pence per euro.

With little in the way of big market-moving economic data in the near-term, domestic politics and sentiment around Brexit talks remain the driver for the pound.

Britain's opposition Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn will use a keynote speech Wednesday to present himself as the man to lead the country, but is expected to play down the toxic issue of Brexit as he tries to unite rebellious MPs.

Speaking about Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn says there is an "air of uncertainty" around Britain.

He said: "That is our party policy and has been for over a year".

"It's a deal which retains the union of the United Kingdom, our constitutional integrity, it's a deal which provides for no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, protects jobs and enables us to have a good trade relationship with Europe and the rest of the world".

While Barry Gardiner, the Shadow International Trade Secretary, suggested Labour would be prepared to "bend" its red lines on Brexit to secure a good deal with Brussels, this is regarded as a means of simply trying to pile more pressure on the beleaguered PM, who faces severe political turbulence on Brexit at the Conservative Party conference, which begins in Birmingham on Sunday.

The leader kept his options open on Tuesday, telling the BBC: "What we've said (is that) all options must be considered if and when this government collapses or its negotiations collapse".

He said if Theresa May could not be forced from office in a general election than there had to be "other options".

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Starmer said a meeting of party officials on Sunday had agreed that any second vote could allow for Britons to vote to stay in the European Union after all.

Corbyn also made a direct bid for the support of those outside the British capital who voted to exit the European Union, often in frustration at feeling left behind by a London-based elite, saying Labour was ready to take over the tortured Brexit talks.

And he held out an olive branch to the Jewish community, after months in which Labour and its leader have been criticised for failing to tackle anti-Semitism in the party and among its supporters.

Around two-thirds of delegates got to their feet to applaud the key passage in Sir Keir's conference speech as he set out Labour's approach.

"The EU was a social democratic movement, and it was a good idea, but after the financial crash, it chose to bail out the banks at the expense of the people", Brexit supporter Les Thomas said at a protest against a second referendum.

Bob Kerslake, a former head of Britain's civil service, said Saturday that the consequences of leaving the European Union without a deal were so serious that Brexit should be put on hold if agreement wasn't reached.

But Ms Thornberry told an event hosted by The Times that if Labour took office in a snap election, "we need to extend Article 50 and essentially turn up in Europe and say "the grown-ups have turned up now".

"Labour's promises on Brexit aren't worth the paper they're written on".

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