Amazon users report Alexa breakdowns with connectivity

The new-look Echo Dot gets 70 percent louder than its predecessor. 

The new-look Echo Dot gets 70 percent louder than its predecessor

The Echo signals an issue to users with a red ring on the Echo.

In the straight-to-consumer smart home world, there are two clear camps - Google and Amazon.

Alexa ran into trouble in May when an Echo device recorded a private conversation among an OR family and sent it to one of their contacts randomly. It connects wirelessly to existing Echo devices and basically adds a big thump to your audio setup, making it suitable for a basic home theater system. Many devices of Amazon are listed as the public easily but many are not, just like some products are only ordered on special demand, for example, if you want to buy Amazon Echo you must give an invite to purchase.

The new model is more compact than its taller predecessor, but this means it's gained a more rotund shape.

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Amazon has placed a lot of emphasis on its Alexa virtual assistant recently, launching a plethora of Echo devices during a surprise event. No doubt this will be down to the upgraded 3in speaker that replaces the 2.5in one found in the original Echo Plus. The Echo input can be connected with any of the regular speakers with the help of a 3.5mm connector. Let me introduce with all the new devices of Amazon. Amazon also states that Skype compatibility will arrive soon on the new model.

Launched in November 2016, Google Home is a hands-free, always-on speaker that responds to voice commands known as "actions", and delivers information requested by the user through interaction with Google's voice service, Google Assistant. The new Echo Dot and Echo Plus will start shipping in October while the Echo Sub will be available later this year.

The Amazon Alexa smartphone app now displays the message: "Sorry, we're experiencing system issues".

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