China fines Fan Bingbing in months-long tax evasion case

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing vanished from public view since July- no more social media updates no more paparazzi

Fan Bingbing: Chinese movie star ordered to pay back millions over tax evasion

Though this is the first fans have heard from her in months, it's still unclear where she actually is, and whether she is in fact being detained by Chinese authorities as many have speculated. I'm so ashamed of what I've done.

Fan would not be investigated for criminal responsibility for tax evasion as long as the taxes, fines and late fees amounting to almost 900 million yuan (4.2 billion baht) were paid on time, the report said.

The 37-year-old actress, who appeared in the X-Men and Iron Man film franchises, sparked concern among her millions of fans when she disappeared from public view in June. "Here, I sincerely apologize to everyone".

Investigations revealed that actress Fan Bingbing had split her contract to evade taxes of 7.3 million yuan over payments for her role in the film Air Strike.

"During this period of investigation, I've been reflecting". It also suggests that she won't face further criminal action due to her previous good record, assuming she pays up on time.

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Posting on social media website Weibo for the first time since June, Fan wrote: "I am unworthy of the trust of the society and let down the fans who love me". I adopted the practice of having separate contracts to evade taxes on the film Air Strike and some other projects.

The actress was released from "residential surveillance at a designated location" - a form of secret detention - about two weeks ago, sources told the South China Morning Post.

She said she accepted the tax authorities' decision and would "try my best to overcome all difficulties and raise funds to pay back taxes and fines".

After the contract documents went viral, the national tax administration announced it had instructed authorities in eastern Jiangsu province to investigate alleged use of such dual contracts in the entertainment industry. A clue to her whereabouts came on September 6, when an article in Securities Daily, part of China's state-run media, said she had been brought "under control and about to receive legal judgment".

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