Dancing May upbeat about Brexit deal

UK's May aims to gain Conservative control after storm Boris

Stanley Johnson, Boris's father, has made some wildly incorrect claims about the Irish border

Would Jim Callaghan... ask the Russian government to confirm the findings of our own intelligence department? "They are our close friends and allies, and we should ensure it stays that way".

On Wednesday, she was keen to show she was in charge of the Brexit talks.

And she announced the setting up of a new cancer detection network where Global Positioning System will send all patients with possible cancer symptoms to rapid diagnostic centres. "This is not about the jobs of politicians, this is about the jobs of people out there in our country, it is about protecting those jobs for the future".

"Those of us who do respect the result - whichever side of the question we stood on two years ago - need to come together now".

"We haven't had wages going up for the longest period since the Napoleonic Wars". But he is no stranger to the United Kingdom government, having served briefly as a treasury minister in former Prime Minister David Cameron's government, charged with overseeing a boost to the economy in the north of England.

Its chairman Lord Porter said: "Our national housing shortage is one of the most pressing issues we face and it is clear that only an increase of all types of housing, including those for affordable or social rent, will solve the housing crisis".

"If he can not, or will not, then Theresa May's announcement today was not just empty - it was clearly a deceitful attempt to trick the public". "The last time this country built homes at that scale the scale we need now was in the 1970s when councils built more than 40 percent of them".

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Mrs May also announced that fuel duty would be frozen ahead of the Chancellor's budget later this month. "Her strategy is to make pleasing noises yet say very little of substance, keeping the country in a holding position until her final betrayal is unveiled at the eleventh hour". In its place was an honesty about millions of people struggling to make ends meet (though critics will yell 'yes, under your watch!').

May's speech was a direct riposte to Johnson, who told an audience Tuesday that May's proposal for close post-divorce economic ties with the European Union was an "outrage" that would leave Britain unable to strike new trade deals around the world.

But she delivered a stinging riposte to his reported "f*** business" comment, saying the business community should know that "there is a four-letter word to describe what we Conservatives want to do to you - it has a single syllable, it is of Anglo-Saxon derivation, it ends in the letter K. Back businesses".

But she did her best to appear carefree as she sashayed on to the stage to Abba hit Dancing Queen and joked about the coughing fit and collapsing stage backdrop which marred her calamitous conference speech in Manchester a year ago. It is of Anglo-Saxon derivation.

"All it does is artificially boost the ability of companies to go on a borrowing spree to buy back their own shares and... reporting never-ending rising profits at the same time of never-rising wages is feeding the core of why many normal human beings are pretty cheesed off with life".

But while Johnson may be holding his fire on the leadership bid for now, he gave both barrels to May's Brexit plan and set out his vision for the Conservative Party - one that returned to its traditional values of low taxes and a strong police.

But the European Union is demanding new proposals from Britain before it signs a deal - and many Conservatives are in no mood to compromise.

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