Intel claims Core i9 9900K is the "best gaming processor"

Intel reveals Coffee Lake Refresh 9th-gen CPUs headed by mighty Core i9-9900K

Intel Announces First 9th-Generation Core Processors

Moving onto the 8-core processors, we have the i7-9700K and the i9-9900K. Like all of Intel's processors released over the past few years, the 9 generation Core parts are based on a refined 14nm manufacturing process (14nm++), and are dubbed Coffee Lake Refresh.

In addition to its the Core i9-9900K processor, Intel also announced two other 9th gen desktop CPUs with the Core i5-9600K and Core i7-9700K. This also boasts 8 cores but doesn't offer Hyperthreading.

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The Core i9 part is expected to hit 5GHz out of the box and will use a new solder-based thermal interface material (TIM) between the dies and the heat spreader in order to boost cooling and hopefully overclocking performance, but as far as we know this is the only part of the new family to do so. The company is calling this the first "broad-volume" 5GHz CPU.

All of the processors support dual-channel DDR4-2666 memory and features an Intel GT2 integrated GPU. The Core i5-9600K will cost $262, the Core i7-9700K is $373, and the Core i9-9900K is $488. Today's announced processors should ship later this month. Coming with Intel's first consumer i9 processor also comes the first i7 desktop processor not to feature Hyper-threading. The Core i7 model interestingly has eight cores, compared to six with the Core i7-8700K, but this model lacks Hyper-Threading which means that the total thread count has actually declined from 12 to eight. Again it has a base frequency of 3.6GHz but the default max turbo is 4.9GHz on a single core or 4.6GHz on all cores. B&H Photo, for example, has the Core i9-9900K listed at $529.99, the Core i7-9700K at $399, and the Core i5-9600K at $279.99. Priced at just $589, this has a lowly eight cores and 16 threads, along with a base clock speed of 3.8GHz and a maximum speed of 4.5GHz.

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