Doctor Who Barbie doll is inspired by Jodie Whittaker

Jodie Whittaker with Doctor Who co-stars Bradley Walsh Toisin Cole and Mandip Gill

SuppliedJodie Whittaker with Doctor Who co-stars Bradley Walsh Toisin Cole and Mandip Gill

Massive congratulations, Jodie. I love her.

In the past, I've written about how badly I want to see historical Doctor Who episodes that go outside of the United Kingdom to other parts of the world that have equally rich histories. You just assume the doctor is a man, for no clearly definable reason. "I like that they made it a woman, because usually nowadays shows don't really have girls in them".

But my favourite change in the show is in the writing. To keep up with her is hard work! Her death isn't the catalyst which causes the others to go travelling with the Doctor (as we saw in the final minutes, that's down to a transporter accident), and in terms of interesting companions, Grace feels much more well-rounded than Graham who barely makes an impression on the episode. I'm telling you now, this is going to be so brilliant.

What did you think of the new Doctor Who premiere? "Jodie is Dr. Who", another particularly impressed viewer wrote. It takes extra time to convert from centimeters and all.

Doctor Who has been crawling slowly but surely towards higher production values over the course of its run, and it's great to see the show's look finally reach the level of quality we can expect from prestige dramas. The show looked noticeably more fantastic than it has at any point in its history, aided by properly cinematic landscapes and an alien that still looked scary in close-up.

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Let's tackle that last bit, because aside from the introduction of the new Doctor, it served as one of the fresher aspects of the new creative direction.

"Don't worry. I've got a plan...."

You can expect emotion, you can expect action and adventure and monsters and far off planets and huge alien vistas.

"Don't be scared. All of this is new to you, and new can be scary". Like Wonder Woman striding onto a battlefield and knocking away mortar shells without a second thought, The Doctor taking charge and barking orders; showing curiosity and exhibiting brilliance, confronting bullies and shouting her goal - all while never once considering what anyone else might be thinking of her - is a revelatory and exciting thing to see. If you'd like to put a mini-review down in the comments, I'd love to know what the mood of the readership is.

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