Kanye West is headed to the White House

CREDIT SNL  YouTube  Screenshot

CREDIT SNL YouTube Screenshot

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Mr.

The meeting will not be West's first with the President, as the two came face-to-face in a much-publicized meeting in Trump Tower in 2016 during the presidential transition. The president has also threatened to send in federal forces to clean up Chicago. Kanye is scheduled to meet with the president at the White House on Thursday.

The report also stated that West and Trump would discuss how to create more manufacturing jobs in West's native Chicago area. West grew up and recently said he planned to return, according to the person briefed in the meeting.

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Mr West, who is married to Kim Kardashian, wore a hat with Donald Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again" during his performance on the USA comedy show Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago.

Just last week, Trump praised Kanye for his SNL performance after Kanye went on another pro-Trump rant after the show last week, saying he's "leading the charge" with his support. "Thank you, Kanye West", Trump said. "If I was concerned about racism, I would have moved out of America a long time ago". Do you know how wrong about politics you have to be for, like, me to notice? "Like Joey Chestnut is a hot dog-eating genius, but I don't want to hear Joey Chestnut's opinions about things that aren't hot dog-related". "They bullied me backstage", said West, who has said he's considering a presidential run in 2020. I'm on them. There's nothing wrong with taking them.

"And the liberals bully you and tell you what you can and cannot wear".

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