October 7-13 is Mental Illness Awareness Week

World Mental Health Day 2018: Raising awareness and combating stigma

How to learn mindfulness in free online class

Countries at the summit are expected to support a global declaration to achieve equity for mental health, marking the first time national governments have made a joint pledge to put mental health on an equal footing with physical health.

World Mental Health Day is organised by the World Health organisation and aims to raise awareness around mental health issues.

This year's World Mental Health Day focuses on young people.

"We also see, every day, the awesome healing and calming abilities of yoga and mindfulness, and we want to share it".

Kyara Patel, 2, with Darshna Gosai, has fun with the bubble machine at the Talbot Park Family Fun Day, which was being held in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness week. The young and adolescent age is the period for major physiological, emotional and social changes and the most vulnerable age for the onset of most mental disorders.

Over half (54%) the people who had ever been homeless had a disorder, almost three times the rate of people who had not.

"When I got ready to retire from teaching, I thought that now I may have some time that I can spend", Zell said.

Shirodkar also provides another dimension to the rising mental health issues among youth. "Yet for too long, mental health has been mostly an afterthought, despite its overwhelming impacts on communities and young people, everywhere". Forming the routine of undertaking a regular health check is crucial for both health and mental health. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, in 2015, Medicaid covered 21 percent of adults with mental illness, 26 percent of adults with serious mental illness and 17 percent of adults with substance use disorder.

"I think it does [encourage people who are not feeling well to ask for help]".

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Drugs are the most common form of mental health treatment.

One in five women report having a mental illness, compared to one in eight men in England.

The numbers speak for themselves: when one in six of us will experience a mental health problem in the workplace, only a quarter of manager have received any sort of mental health training, and when 90% of us still feel like there is a taboo around mental health, it's clear that we need to act.

The charity has reported a sharp rise in demand for its half, full and two-day mental health first aid courses since they began in 2017. That's why it's so important to talk about what's going on and seek support early.

"We need to make mental health much more of a priority, given that the need for this is so palpable".

For information about mental health problems, advice and support visit Mind's website here.

But SMEs often don't have the same multi-million dollar budgets as large firms to hire wellbeing consultants or devote entire teams to developing mental health programs.

Dr Sweta Adatia, specialist neurologist at RAK Hospital and RAK Diabetes Centre, Dubai, advises to tap into the power of the Vagus Nerve to improve and strengthen one's mental health.

Dr Pinaman Appau, the Executive Secretary of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, said although the Mental Health fraternity in Ghana had worked hard to create awareness, increase advocacy and educate the public, it failed to prioritise mental health or investment in young people.

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