Ousted Guardians of the Galaxy director switches camps, tied to new DC Comics film

Suicide Squad			Warner Bros

Suicide Squad Warner Bros

According to Entertainment Weekly, Gunn has closed a deal with Warner Bros. and DC Films to write the supervillain team-up sequel Suicide Squad 2, and may also direct the movie.

That didn't take long - fired "Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn is bouncing back from controversial tweets by landing a gig writing "Suicide Squad 2".

TheWrap dropped the bombshell on Tuesday, adding that Gunn will have a "completely new take on the property". The film was previously going to be written and directed by Gavin O'Connor, but he has since moved on to other projects. But it also looked like O'Connor was moving on to reteam with Ben Affleck on the sports drama The Has-Been.

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Former Marvel company man James Gunn is joining the DC family.

Warner has been looking for somebody to take control of the new Suicide Squad flick, taking a look at original director David Ayer, Mel Gibson, Daniel Espinosa, and others. Gunn's Suicide Squad could conceivably differ from Ayer's in terms of story alone, thereby employing numerous first film's same cast members and characters. Not to answer out of turn, but considering Warners made the trailer for the first film resemble a Guardians of the Galaxy film, it seems like a good fit. As Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige once said, "Certainly the success of Guardians just boosted our confidence to continue to go in new, fun, weird directions ... to continue to expand and do really unique and really different tonal things".

Suicide Squad, which starred Margot Robbie was a commercial success, despite being a critical failure. As of right now, it sounds like they'll be using his script, but they have yet to find a director. Maybe, Gunn can improve the series in his sequel.

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