Pipeline explosion near Prince George

The incident is ongoing in the community of Shelley northeast of Prince George

The incident is ongoing in the community of Shelley northeast of Prince George. Greg N/@gregnoel Twitter

The explosion shut down the Enbridge natural gas pipeline about 15 kilometres northeast of Prince George.

Although the gasoline you pump into your vehicle is different than the natural gas in the pipelines, the natural gas is used to power oil refineries.

While the flames have been put out the two major gas pipelines remain out of service and Enbridge says it isn't sure when they will be back up and running.

The school was also anxious about a lack of heating and hot water on campus but they're no longer expecting to be impacted.

"It sounded like a jet engine".

The rupture happened on a natural gas transmission pipeline owned and operated by Enbridge about 13.5 kilometres from Prince George, Enbridge spokesman Michael Barnes said in an emailed statement.

"I just heard it at the start", added Teegee.

A memo circulated from UVic's facilities management division noted the university has already switched its central heating system to diesel from natural gas, and has suggested staff and students bring warmer clothes to work and class.

All US F-35s grounded worldwide
Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, raised questions on the troubles still facing the F-35 program and its readiness rate of about 65 percent. The aircraft, which uses stealth technology to reduce its visibility to radar, comes in three variants.

Island Health spokeswoman Meribeth Burton, Island hospitals should not be affected.

A natural gas line disruption in northern BC means that some UBC buildings may be without heating, hot water or fuel for cooking appliances.

FortisBC ships as much as 85 percent of the natural gas it supplies to customers via the twin Enbridge line where the incident occurred.

"FortisBC is asking BCIT to urgently limit natural gas usage", read the message from the school.

This includes turning off thermostats and limiting other uses of natural gas as much as possible. While the ruptured pipeline carries natural gas, chances are that anti-pipeline activists will waste no time in using the incident in their case against pipeline.

An investigation is underway and explains where they go from here.

It damaged the company's primary natural gas pipeline linking the Fort Nelson area to Vancouver and south to another 750,000 customers in the northwest United States.

Puget Sound Energy, a USA energy company, is also asking customers in Washington state to help conserve natural gas and electricity because of B.C.'s pipeline rupture and the impact it has on the US gas supply.

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