Man divorces cheating wife spotted on Google Maps

Google Street View

Man using Google Street View to get directions catches his wife cheating

Reports say a Peruvian man has divorced his wife after he coincidentally spotted her on Google Street View in Peru, cheating with another man.

The man is lying on the seat with his head on the woman's lap as she gazes tenderly at him and strokes his hair.

The man angrily confronted his wife with the evidence of her past infidelity, and she admitted to having had an affair.

In this era of evolving technology, whatever you do today may haunt you in future irrespective of how long it takes, and this is a ideal example.

It rapidly dawned on the man that the clothes were identical to those worn by his wife on many occasions.

A couple was caught canoodling on Google Street View by an eagle-eyed husband.

The cuckolded husband then put two and two together and realised his wife had been unfaithful.

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To make matters worse (or just more poetic) the bridge in question is actually named the Puente de los Suspiros, or the "Bridge of Sighs" in English, reported MSN.

La Cronica reports that the man shared his story and images of the incident on Facebook.

Netizen San Pateste said: "What a small world it is..."

WTF?! Google's Street View vehicles have been taking photos on our roads for over ten years, and in that time they've inadvertently captured images of subjects in compromising situations.

The picture itself was taken back in 2013, but was still recent enough to pique the husband's curiosity.

They include people dressed as pigeons, an escaped convict, a couple having sex by their auto, street robberies, and a woman giving birth.

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