New Airbus to Embark on 19-Hour Commercial Flight

Economy class seats on the the new Singapore Airlines A350-900 Ultra Long Range aircraft

SUPPLIEDEconomy class seats on the the new Singapore Airlines A350-900 Ultra Long Range aircraft

Well, if you happen to be travelling from Singapore to NY or vice versa in the future you could be about to embark on a record-breaking flight, as a new route is about to launch between the two destinations and in doing so, it will become the world's longest non-stop flight.

A business class ticket entitles passengers to two meals, and the choice of when they are served, plus refreshments in between. "Currently, we have only a daily, non-stop flight from Singapore to San Francisco". They will not be allowed to fly if they have flown an aircraft in the past 48 hours.

For the flight crew - which also includes two first officers and a 13-strong cabin contingent - the workload will be broken up, the airline said, with each pilot having a minimum eight hours' rest during the flight.

Mr Thomas, the editor-in-chief of airline rating site, has been on several such inaugural flights, including Qantas' new long-haul from Perth to London, inaugurated earlier this year. Pilots will get three nights off after reaching NY.

"In the boom times you get a lot of what we call direct-connect flights between smaller cities..." However, more than seven weeks' worth of television and film entertainment will also be provided to the passengers during the journey of 16,700 kilometers (10,400 miles). The airline is now using the an Airbus A350-900 aircraft with 161 seats, 92 fewer than the company's usual seat count on the same aircraft.

Singapore Airlines launched the record-breaking route in 2004, but canceled it nine years later because of rising fuel prices. The A340-500 it was using at the time used a lot of fuel and eventually the route became too expensive to run.

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The cabin features a higher-than-normal ceiling, larger windows and lighting that is created to reduce jet lag on the world's longest flight.

Qatar Airways has revealed it has upgraded its order for five new A350-900s by opting to switch to the larger A350-1000 version instead.

The marathon flight will use the fuel efficient Airbus A350-900ULR.

However, Singapore Airlines has been offering low initial fares on its USA non-stop routes, including as little as S$1,438 ($1,040) return for premium economy on Singapore-Newark, CAPA Centre for Aviation Chief Analyst Brendan Sobie said.

It can fly for 20 hours non-stop, which most aviation experts will tell you is the future of very long-haul travel for business and pleasure.

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