PlayStation 4 consoles are crashing because of a malicious message

Report PS4 Messaging Bug is Bricking Consoles

New PlayStation 4 Bug Reportedly Breaking Consoles

There are reports of a PS4 messaging hack which is bricking consoles. Malicious users can send text messages that include unrecognised symbols, often leading to memory overflows, crashes and unstable behaviour.

u/Huntstark on Reddit reported this issue yesterday in a post titled, "WARNING: Set your messages to private". It happened to me during Rainbow Six: Siege.

Users also report that even deleting the message via the PSN app won't work, and some even claim you don't have to read it, as receiving it might break your console anyway. Some cases are so severe that a factory reset becomes necessary to stabilise the console once again. In describing the PS4 message, one player wrote that it was merely a question mark in a box, suggesting that the malicious messages can not even be displayed by the PS4. It seems like some bad actors on PSN are using these messages to knock people offline in competitive games, given their own team an advantage.

The simplest solution to prevent this from happening in future is to turn off messages from folks you don't know.

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From the PS4 console, go to Settings - Account Management - Privacy Settings. You may want to think twice before you open it.

With the bug only just coming to light, Sony has yet to officially confirm or respond to the problems, but presumably a software update is going to be enough to plug the security hole and protect against similar problems in the future.

A factory reset clears the entirety of your data stored on the console, and so this exploit can be devastating if the necessary steps are not taken to avoid it.

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