China Vows to Respond to Trade War It Didn't Want

Emerging markets can look forward to a better 2019

China's ambassador to America says the Trump administration is 'very confusing'

It seems no stone was left unturned in an all-encompassing interview on CBS' "60 Minutes" with President Donald Trump, from defending his administration's policies against Russian Federation and North Korea to Saudi Arabia's missing journalist case.

Trump, since he admitted to NBC News' Lester Holt that he fired Comey to end the Russian Federation investigation, has all but never given an interview to any outlet that is not pro-Trump.

Expressing concerns over China's currency actions, a top American Senator has urged US President Donald Trump to name China as a "currency manipulator". He was president-elect during the second.

"If these are countries that say they are allied with us in values, we have to make it clear they are not", he added. He is truly president.

At a campaign rally in MS late last month, Trump mocked Ford for what he cast as her incoherent story about what happened with Kavanaugh, a move that even drew some criticism from Republican senators.

Responding to a question, he said he has no intention of shutting down the Russian investigation.

"I'm the one that gave Ukraine offensive weapons and tank killers". "In the not-too-distant future, I think we'll know an answer".

Trump also refers to his sons Don Jr. and Eric as "ridiculous" and says he plans on replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions with "pillows and blankets".

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He also defended his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, "I think I'm very tough with him personally".

"Mr. President, you've been president for two years", said Colbert.

On the old chestnut of RUSSIA MEDDLING IN THE 2016 ELECTION to ensure that Trump won, he scoffed, "Do you really think I'd call Russia to help me with an election?"

"Are you ever going to tell the truth?" I don't think it's a hoax....

Discussing Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court, Trump took credit for getting his nomination through the Senate around Christine Blasey Ford's allegations that the judge tried to sexually assault her when they were in high school. "Well, I don't pledge anything. Leslie, it's okay. In the meantime, I'm president and you're not".

The segment also touched upon Trump's relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

On denuclearizing the country Trump admitted it's unclear whether the communist regime is still building missiles.

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