Louis woman blocks man from coming into his loft's building

WATCH: ‘Insecure' Woman Tries to Block Black Neighbor From Entering His Own Home

Racist woman filmed stopping black trying to get into his own apartment

Cellphone video of the incident shows the white woman standing directly in front of the door, blocking him from entering.

"You can be uncomfortable". The apartment's parent company, Tribeca-STL, announced she had been fired on Sunday. Toles tells Thornton in the video, "You are blocking me into my building".

During the first video, Ms Thornton continued to demand for proof that her neighbour lived there.

"Sir, you walked up off a street", the woman told him. "You pushed your way in", she told him.

"Ma'am - you just - no".

"I live here", Toles says again.

"... Because the camera was pointed at the ground and that's when you hear me say, 'Oh my God, are you serious?' and that's when he says, 'Go ahead, call police, '" she said.

"Some people think I should have went after her more", he said. "I would still have a conversation with her", said Toles.

"If you want to come into my building..."
After Toles manages to squeeze past her, she continues to harass him, going as far as following him to his home and then calling the cops.

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He responded, "well you didn't start off on a good note" as he exited the elevator. (He had not.) In July, a black state lawmaker in OR said she was reported to police as a "suspicious person" while talking to constituents in a suburban neighborhood.

In the post, the woman clearly follows him and questions him even after he opens his apartment door. "Have a nice night", Toles responded. The woman eventually called the police, and Lewis' footage showed a Cobb County officer questioning the children. The video has more than 5.5 million views and has been shared over 113,000 times.

Ms Thornton was named as the woman in the video by social media users and confirmed by her former partner, Brandon Mueller, who posted on his Facebook page. "The video did involve one of our employees, but the event did NOT take place at Tribeca-STL and did NOT involve one of our tenants", the real estate company said.

Her employer, property management company Tribeca-STL, said it found the interaction "disturbing" and it won't "stand for racism or racial profiling".

"Into my building", the woman replied.

Once they approach his door, she changes her tone, saying: "I just want to say hi, what is your name".

After sharing the videos on Facebook, Toles posted a status, encouraging people to turn the negative situation into a positive.

"We only get one life so let's make the most of it and be great, no time for negativity!"

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