Cardi B admits baby Kulture broke her vagina during childbirth

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"She broke my vagina", she said, with the hilarious and endearing candor fans have come to appreciate from the outspoken performer. "I am enjoying it", Cardi gushed. "It's like, 'I could do this over and over again.'" But she admits that child labor was hard. After all, she had just told him that the birth of her daughter, Kulture, had broken her vagina (par for the course).

"I want to know what you're doing with my f***ing tax money because I'm from NY where the streets are always dirty". Cardi was looking comfy in a robe on a balcony in Miami, and got her daughter Kulture dressed up in a tutu to snap some adorable pics Wednesday.

In a Rolling Stone interview this summer, she said she was surprised that President Donald Trump hadn't been impeached already.

"I do need a rest". This is what I've been missing my whole life. "People just be like, 'Oh, when you give birth, it's gonna hurt.' But nobody tells you [the real truth]". "My husband used to tell me like, 'Stop screaming and stop catching an attitude when you're pregnant because you're gonna pass that to the baby.' And I did!"

US Budget Deficit Hits Six-Year High
The only other period when the federal government has run deficits above US$ 1 trillion was for four years from 2009 through 2011. In March, Trump signed a $1.3 trillion spending bill into law.

"He has made divisions in this country - he nearly made a insane civil war between the blacks and the whites", she said. Like I want to go to the beach with my baby, I want to take a stroll down the street with my baby.

She said she wants to have three or four kids, and that she wishes she entered motherhood sooner: "It's the best".

"There's so many things I want to do like, rats. I would like to do normal things with my baby, but right now I gotta keep it very low key". "I could do this over and over again", she added.

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