Outgoing UN Ambassador Nikki Haley jokes about Trump at charity dinner

Keynote speaker Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley center shares a light moment as she attends the 73rd Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner Thursday Oct. 18 2018 in New York. Center left is Archbishop of New York Cardinal

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"I get it. You wanted an Indian woman, but Elizabeth Warren failed her DNA test", Haley joked. "Let me tell you", Haley said. But that hasn't stopped some from confusing her Indian heritage with Native Americans - including, she joked, the president. "I'm going to pick the best person", he said.

Among other jokes, Haley also shared a piece of advice President Trump gave her: "he said if I get stuck for laughs, just brag about his accomplishments-it really killed at the United Nations, I gotta tell you".

Haley, who recently announced that she would be leaving her ambassador role at the end of the year, cracked jokes at the annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, which is a charity event that raises money for impoverished children. She not only poked fun at her boss and Ms Warren - a potential 2020 rival - but also took playful jabs at Attorney-General Jeff Sessions, Senators Jeff Flake and Bernie Sanders, and convicted Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

During her keynote speech at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in midtown Manhattan, Haley said, "I'm proud to be very close to the Jewish community". So she did, taking aim at Trump's last United Nations speech and his controversial immigration policy. Many have viewed the MA senator's decision to take a DNA test in an effort to "prove" her claim of Native American ancestry after years of being called "Pocahontas" by Trump as preparation for a potential presidential campaign.

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Haley, 46, a former governor of SC, is the daughter of Indian immigrants. "If I get stuck for laughs just brag about his accomplishments", Haley said, to laughs. In South Sudan, where rape is routinely used as a weapon of war, that is evil. "So, good night everybody", she said to laughter from the crowd. "In North Korea, where American student Otto Warmbier was tortured to death, that was evil".

Haley later poked fun at the lack of free press in Iran saying, "They still think John Kerry is secretary of state".

THAT is where Haley is looking - and THAT is what her comments on Thursday night are all about.Haley has done her service to the Trump wing of the party.

While Haley appeared to bring the house down, both NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo were met by boos when introduced to the guests.

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