Explosive device found near United States billionaire George Soros' home, authorities say

Founder of Soros Fund Management LLC George Soros attends the Boao Forum for Asia

Founder of Soros Fund Management LLC George Soros attends the Boao Forum for Asia

An explosive device was found in a mailbox at billionaire philanthropist George Soros's home in a New York suburb and disposed of by police, the New York Times reported.

The Bedford Police Department got a call from one of Soros' employees. saying an explosive device was found Monday at his home in a suburb north of NYC.

Soros, whose Open Society Foundation has donated some US$32 billion to liberal and human rights causes, has always been a favoured target of right-wing groups and U.S. President Donald Trump.

Soros, 88, a survivor of Nazi-occupied Hungary in World War II, made billions running hedge funds.

A law enforcement official told the Associated Press the device "had the components" of an actual bomb, including explosive powder.

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An extensive investigation began involving the Bedford Police Department, the Westchester County Police Department, the ATF and FBI.

Local police have turned the case over the the FBI's NY office, which tweeted on Monday evening that it's "conducting an investigation" near Soros's home. The employee placed the material in a wooded area and notified authorities. "There is no threat to public safety, and we have no further comment at this time".

In a recent piece, Sommer detailed why the right's obsession with Soros, who is Jewish, wreaks of anti-Semitism and is just the most recent historical expression of a very familiar pattern. Recently, conservative critics have accused him without evidence of secretly financing the caravan of Central American migrants making their way toward the U.S.

Federal Bureau of Investigation officials didn't respond to requests for more information late Monday.

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