Former Carolina Panthers WR Rae Carruth released from prison

Former Carolina Panthers receiver Rae Carruth will walk free Monday

Former Carolina Panthers receiver Rae Carruth will walk free Monday

A friend of Carruth's named Michael Kennedy - who drove a third auto behind Carruth and Adams - as well as a passenger in that vehicle, Stanley Abraham, have since been released from prison, according to the Observer.

Jurors found Carruth not guilty of first-degree murder, but later said they would have convicted Carruth on a second-degree charge, had that been brought against him instead.

Carruth, convicted in January 2001, was released from Sampson Correctional Institution in Clinton, N.C., this week following a completion of his sentence of 18 to 24 years. "I have to exist out there and it just seems like there is so much hate and negativity toward me", he said. Adams was six months pregnant at the time.

The jury's decision kept the death penalty off the table, paving the way for Carruth's 18-to-24-year sentence. At one point, Saundra indicated that she planned to wait with Chancellor at the prison when Carruth was released and was willing to consider having him be part of their lives. Prosecutors argued that he blocked Adams auto so the hitman could shoot her. Adams had previously said she would be there when Carruth got out of prison, but she was not present on Monday.

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"At the time, Rae was hanging out with people he should not have been hanging out with", Rudolf said.

Carruth's efforts to kill both his child's mother and his child to avoid child support were not all successful. Michael Kennedy, who drove the vehicle, was released from jail in 2011. He was the first active National Football League player at the time to be charged and convicted with conspiracy to commit murder, according to ESPN.

"I should be raising my son", Carruth told WBTV via phone. Saundra Adams - Cherica's mother and Chancellor Lee's grandmother - has raised the child since birth and was not present as Carruth was released Monday. And I want still for him to meet his son. But I can say definitively he's not ever going to have custody of Chancellor.

While in jail, Carruth worked as a barber, making about $1 per hour - a far cry from the four-year, $US3.7 million ($AUD5.2 million) contract he signed with the Panthers after being drafted. I want him to see that too'. He would need special permission from a case officer to leave the state or the country during that span, but is free to go wherever he pleases after nine months.

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