Pokémon GO will now reward you for breaking a sweat

Pokemon GO Adventure Sync

Pokemon GO Adventure Sync News Niantic announces Adventure Sync a sync-your-distance feature for Android and iOS By Zeroghan

As the developer explains, with this feature, you'll be able to gain distance for eggs and buddy Pokemon any time you walk around with your phone. There is now no news when this feature will arrive in the title. Niantic today introduced Adventure Sync, a tool that changes how its games operate. Note that while Adventure Sync will arrive in Pokemon Go first, it will also come to Niantic's other games later on.

But more than just a tracker, Adventure Sync has an even more important objective, at least for Pokemon GO players.

Pokemon Go has announced a new feature that will allow players to collect sweets from their Buddy Pokemon and hatch eggs even when their game isn't open. This will be accessible from your trainer profile to see how many kilometers you have traveled.

Just like the mainline Pokemon titles from the early 2000's, walking with your mobile device while Pokemon GO is opened up will let you hatch eggs and obtain candy depending on the Pokemon that you're walking with.

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The Adventure Sync feature will also deliver a weekly summary where users can see their Incubator and Candy progress as well as some other activity statistics. On Android, it works by syncing with Google Fit to translate your steps from that app into valuable walking distance in Go.

Adventure Sync will offer players the ability to apply movements from just about everything they do during the day toward in-game rewards like weekly milestones.

This will give players even more incentive to stay on their feet as it will enable them to reach their walking goals sooner and hatch eggs more efficiently.

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