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New iPad Pro, Macs, and more: The rumors ahead of Apple's Oct. 30 event

Here's what to expect from Apple's October 30 event: New iPad Pro, MacBook Air and AirPods 2

Apple's next media event will take place in NY on October 30th, and during that event, a few things are likely to happen or are at least possible. Consequently, we've seen reports that Apple's new iPad Pros might be as thin as 5.86mm, which would make the devices the thinnest iPad models we've seen yet. Some reports also reveal that Apple could possibly launch the rumoured over-ear wireless headphones in tomorrow's event. This change allows the large top and bottom screen bezels of previous iOS tablets to be removed, resulting in the design shown in the icon found in iOS 12.

On the latest iPhone XS, Face ID still doesn't work in landscape mode and hopefully, Apple will address this on the latest iPad since it's going to be used in landscape mode a lot.

Just like the current iPhone XS and the iPhone XR, the new iPads seemingly won't have Apple's famous home button as the company has dramatically reduced the size of the screen bezels. It's now unclear what will be changed in this new Apple Pencil iteration, though extended battery life and a more efficient charging method are likely upgrades. Today, we've got the final few words on the 2018 iPad Pro refresh. With the iconic device now being the oldest MacBook currently sold by Apple, as well as the tech giant's lowest-cost option, the Air is long overdue for an update. Rumours suggest that Apple will launch the successor to the MacBook Air, but the highlight of the event apart from the pair of iPad Pros could be the Mini MacBook, which will basically target countries like India.

And what about a new MacBook Air? The laptop's bezels will also be slimmed down significantly as well, according to various reports.

Prices start from £619 but can rise to over £1,110 and that's before you've added the Apple Pencil stylus (£89) and Smart Keyboard case (£159). There were some whose hopes were dashed when such a new mini computer didn't appear at Apple's iPhone-centric even last month. The upcoming event will not only feature new iPads, but word on the street is that Apple might finally launch a low-power notebook that's regularly surfaced on the rumor mill this year.

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On the Mac front, Bloomberg and others have reported that major overhauls are coming for both the MacBook and the Mac mini. While Apple has launched the iMac Pro to cater to needs of professionals, there's no denying the fact that there's still a market for not only the iMac Pro but also the Mac mini.

The iMac lineup is also expected to see an internal refresh to Intel's Coffee Lake processors which pack more grunt along with faster storage and more RAM. This, of course, stands in stark contrast to the Apple of the 90s which was forced to downsize and keep things simple. It's only been a short time since Apple's Cupertino event announcing new iPhone and Apple Watch models, but the emphasis this time around will likely be on bigger devices-and we mean that literally, not in terms of ubiquity.

There are a variety of rumours circulating about the new AirPods, including noise-cancelling and water resistance, but one feature the new version of the earbuds will nearly certainly get is wireless charging given that Apple first revealed the earbuds' new wireless charging case a year ago.

There were rumors of Apple launching the AirPods 2 this year. This will be the most radical redesign yet similar to how the iPhone X had changed their smartphone appearance moving forward. Its iMac lineup was also last updated nearly 1.5 years ago.

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